Why We Support Young Entrepreneurs

Why We Support Young Entrepreneurs

You hear it time and time again in the Seattle region, we are home to some of the leading innovators and entrepreneurs in the nation, if not the world. From the Amazons and Microsofts, to a wealth of local companies thriving, a spirit of taking risks on new ideas is contagious in the Pacific Northwest. And while innovators will continue to be inspired and step out with the next great ideas, a fully supported entrepreneurial ecosystem can only help to add fuel to this fire of innovation.

To that end, as part of our ongoing support of the University of Washington Foster School of Business, RedCloud will again be taking an active role in the upcoming “UW Consulting Challenge” this spring. The week-long competition will be made up of over 20 teams comprised of undergrad and MBA students. Students will look to seek efficiencies and improvements to their case study company’s technology, operations, marketing, and other key functions impacting the bottom line.

At RedCloud, given our depth of knowledge and experience in the consulting industry, we have a unique position to fulfill as consulting advisors to all the teams. Our consultant volunteers will help teams focus on the Market Access component of their respective business cases and presentations. RedCloud will use guidance ranging from the company’s value proposition, differentiators, customer segmentation, product/market fit, pricing, sales channels and other topics that may be relevant, given the company and the product or service the team is evaluating.

With a full week of research, collaboration, and preparation, the UW Consulting Challenge begins with the kickoff event, where students will hear directly from our RedCloud team in a presentation about consulting and about how to best use their professional advisors throughout the competition. The teams will then receive their cases and head into a week of hard work, creativity, and lots of caffeine! At the end of the week, our RedCloud team will serve as judges to each team’s presentation – a big responsibility that we don’t take lightly.

The response we had from our team of consultants who supported this event last year was so positive that we’re excited to again open this volunteer opportunity to our team. The opportunity to provide these eager innovators and entrepreneurs with the real-world advice and best practices not only helps the UW students in the competition but is a huge lift for the RedCloud team, as teaching can be the best way to reinforce your own best practices and feel a sense of pride in your work.

Keep an eye on this feed and our social media channels for updates throughout the competition!