Reading the Tea Leaves for 2019

Reading the Tea Leaves for 2019

As 2018 came to close, our nation’s economy went on a bit of a wild ride which has left many of us in the business community intrigued or perplexed at what’s ahead. The Tasseographers amongst us may believe our best chance to predict the economic path ahead may be to turn to reading patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments. But for us at RedCloud, we believe that by following our now tested and proven recipe for growth and opportunity, we will forge our path ahead and allow our clients and consultants to successfully ride the ups and downs of what’s ahead. We’ll prefer to enjoy the latte or red blend at the end of a great day of work, not read the bottom of our cups.

In the coming year RedCloud will continue to proactively work with our clients to bring new business solutions utilizing today’s latest tech, which can in fact insulate against future volatility.  This is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest where the regional economy continues to boom thanks to an influx of talent from around the country (and world), a resurgence by some of tech’s largest players, and an ongoing environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

As information dominates today’s world, we look forward to continuing to build out our Practice Areas in 2019 with a particular focus on Cybersecurity, providing solutions for companies across industries including e-commerce, tech, financial services, and healthcare to ensure compliance, but also to build trust with their customers who are more protective of their personal data than ever before. Our experts scrutinize and bolster a company’s entire security surface area including networks, code, applications, and third-party tools, minimizing the risk of security breaches and their cascading business impacts.

Switching views to our team of consultants, the 2019 tea leaves tell us that RedCloud will continue to invest back into our firm to retain and bolster the professionals who got us where we are today, but also to attract the next set of associates needed to meet rising demand in business intelligence, IoT, data management and protection. Veteran and new RedClouders alike will have unique opportunities for interesting work, be surrounded by a diverse set of peers coming from different backgrounds, countries, and perspectives, while being presented opportunities to give back to the communities in which we work.

For those who only follow the news headlines of the day, there could be an air of caution or a desire to pull back in what we’re being told are uncertain times ahead. However at RedCloud, we’re charging forward with a growing team ready so solve the most pressing needs of 2019, being purposeful in our investments, while remaining nimble to adjust to the market.

Raise your glass – and don’t worry about what’s at the bottom – to 2019!