Streamlining a Multinational Sales Program to Improve ROI and Ensure Funding

When a company recognizes a product has both the domestic success, and international appeal, needed to drive global expansion it can be a critical point of growth, however has the potential to create unforeseen sales challenges. Evolving from a purely domestic to a multinational sales approach can run into barriers of geography, local language support or even market and culture awareness — each with the potential to wreak havoc on the most well researched and forecasted sales success.

To help a large company facing such a global scale-up challenge, RedCloud recently helped a multinational tech client to identify a shared group of resources that would streamline account support across sales teams spread around the world. Ultimately the new “Global Inside Account Management” (GIAM) program would address lags appearing in the market around customer satisfaction, sales opportunity identification, and at the end of the day closing of deals.

RedCloud’s approach to solving the GIAM program’s issues was centered first around the need for true visibility into the current state of sales support through a deep dive into the current state of affairs. This was quickly followed by the development of modern communications platforms for owners, internal customers, and stakeholders, and finally the creation of a series of training tools to ensure adoption across a geographically diverse sales team.

Upon conclusion and implementation, the GIAM program successfully measured the existing sales program, and rapidly identified clear channels for improved communication between sales and support, leading to 2X of ROI and further funding for the program.

Learn more about RedCloud’s expertise in data driven sales support by downloading the full case study here.