10 Minutes with Enterprise Solutions Advisor Danny Chirku

Joining our team earlier this year, Danny Chirku has brought a strong entrepreneurial spirit, savvy leadership skill and an energy for personal development to the RedCloud team. A man of many talents and experiences, his previous roles focused on consulting and team building/management across many of the leading companies here in the Pacific Northwest. We had a chance to sit down with Danny to hear all about his first impressions of RedCloud and what he’s most excited about as he looks to the future here.


RC: Briefly describe your role and how long you’ve been at RedCloud

DC: I’m an Enterprise Solutions Advisor helping tech companies in the Seattle area evaluate the best technology and process approach to streamline their day-to-day operations.  I’ve been at RedCloud for only 3 months, so I’m excited to see where this goes.

RC: What was it like to join RedCloud (boarding process)?

DC: It was friendly, smooth and quick! It was nice to drop into the office to go over logistics, get a laptop and be on my way out in just a few hours.

RC: Given your background and other experiences, what stands out to you with RedCloud?

DC: The people. That’s all that matters!  I’m a huge fan and student of personal growth given I’ve done a good deal of work in the leadership coaching space.  To me, the most important thing in life (especially at work) is to be around growth-minded people that live up to a few yet fundamental values like integrity, giving, and positive mental attitude.  The leadership team at RedCloud has definitely demonstrated these values.

RC: What originally drew you to RedCloud?

DC: The quality of the people that work there and an exciting opportunity to lead a project and make a difference at a leading tech enterprise in the networking security space.

RC: Where do you see the future of consulting or the future of RedCloud?

DC: To be honest, consulting is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.  I’ve worked for 3 consulting firms over the 17 years of my career and I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined.  If you think about it, the current outstanding demand for more shared workspace models such as WeWork clearly shows people want to be more independent and entrepreneurial.  They want to be assessed based on their results in solving big problems not just by working-hours clocked.  That’s exactly what consulting is. It’s for those who love being self-starters and always enjoy the challenge of a new problem.

RedCloud is a great vehicle for people that want to venture into the world of consulting even if they have never held that title before, because most special matter experts working for large enterprises are just that – they are special matter experts! This means they can use that unique and valuable skill to help organizations that do not have an expert in-house and simply don’t have the time to find them.  I believe RedCloud has demonstrated clearly it can be a high-quality vehicle to connect those talented individuals with challenged local organizations over the next several years.

RC: Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why?

DC: My teleport gateway in the garage.  It’s just so nice to travel instantly to Paris, enjoy a chocolate croissant and come back all in a few minutes.  OK fine it doesn’t exist yet, but I want one and I’m willing to pitch in on the Kickstarter campaign if anyone is ready to make it.  On a more serious note, I’m struggling to choose one, because we depend so much on our computers, phones, Wi-Fi routers and so many other things.  I do think the electrical brush is a must for me because I feel manually brushing with a good old toothbrush takes way too much time and is not as effective!

RC: What are you looking forward to the most this year with RedCloud?

DC: Meeting and connecting with more people.  Enjoy helping leaders and companies go from good or great to world-class!

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