Data Analytics Paint a Beautiful ROI Picture of Global Sales

Executives responsible for key decision making in today’s rapidly changing economy are looking to “big data” more and more often to increase sales and revenue. However, as data becomes more readily available, there is risk that an overflow of numbers, statistics, and figures only fogs the lens by which leaders use to make decisions about the future of their businesses. Products and services across the marketplace are emerging to better visualize data, and turn it from simply points into actionable insights. However, implementation of such programs can be easier said than done.

Recently, RedCloud deployed our expertise in the field of data visualization and analytics to help a global technology client evaluate an implemented sales program. The global sales program was struggling to gain validation and long term funding. It was not only was solving regional and cultural sales challenges in the field, but was also identifying new opportunities that perhaps wouldn’t have been seen by the sales team. However, the sales teams and leaders were lacking clarity and tangible, trackable data points to support the increased revenues.

To better communicate the sales program’s success, RedCloud worked with the client to first assess the current data capture, then streamlined and automated the input side of the equation. Once the data warehouses were in order, RedCloud built out a visual-based dashboard system for the company leadership, on which they would have real-time access to standardized, custom reports to have a clear view of the program’s effectiveness, and ultimately, the ROI.

At the end of the project the client’s sales program was tracking for an astounding 50X ROI, elegantly reported through the new dashboard system. Here the true power of big data was unleashed thanks to a fresh approach of auditing, normalizing, and accessing points of information. In the end, both management and the in-the-field sales team were provided tools that enabled success for all.

Learn more about RedCloud’s expertise in advanced data analytics and visualization by viewing the full case study here.