Yes to Customer Privacy, No to Data Loss: A Customer Story


We continue to hear headline stories detailing how some of America’s biggest brands have lost critical customer data. There is a large gap between awareness of the problem and action to combat it. While we as consumers generally trust everything will be fine when it comes to our personal data online, there are still swaths of companies holding our information within unmanaged security landscapes, putting us at risk. RedCloud saw the opportunity for our team of data security experts to help make the world a safer place.


RedCloud worked with a large e-commerce client who had found themselves on the brink of their own PR nightmare. Their non-configured data was stored for years in a multitude of locations and maintained by a disparate set of security tools. This patchwork approach had created massive inefficiencies in the company info security landscape. Those current practices limited them to containment and remediation rather than proactive prevention.


RedCloud began restoration for the client with an all-out audit of the data landscape, the various storage locations, and the software systems being used to manage and protect that data. Our team helped design a process to clean all existing customer data. We then built out a migration strategy to one of the three major cloud providers, taking all the varied data sources to a cloud storage platform for a more active management and redundancy. Additionally, RedCloud hardened the client’s security surface area, documenting steps along the way, to create new comprehensive data dictionaries and playbooks ensuring long-term success of the new security processes.


As with any data management process, the key to success on this project was to bring transparency and consistency to the client’s cloud data sources. Once that was established we helped our clients build trust with their partners and customers thanks to the newly implemented security of financial and HR data, as well as the protection of their critical infrastructure.


While we always enjoy seeing our client’s names in lights, we never desire to see them as the next headline in the ongoing narrative about data loss and customer privacy. Utilizing our growing expertise in information security, we’ll continue to make sure our clients say yes to privacy, and no to data loss.