GDPR: Navigating Data Protection Regulations

A multinational technology company needed guidance establishing a set of unique processes and mechanisms to adhere to GDPR, an EU regulation. This work would impact the security, compliance, and storage of user data with transparent policies and practices to encourage accessibility to everyone


RedCloud partnered with the privacy team of a relatively newly carved out division. The client had the challenge of understanding the whole ecosystem, ensuring all teams across the division were compliant with all the existing regulations, while additionally understanding and implementing the privacy requirements for new GDPR policy.


The RedCloud team took a methodical approach to ensure the client’s success. There was a need to identify all the teams that processed personal data, so RedCloud located the teams across the client’s division, conducted focused interviews, and organized and inventoried all the systems. The result of this exercise helped the team develop a complex ecosystem of the division.

Next, RedCloud created and implemented a plan to ensure teams were compliant with the privacy regulations, including GDPR. RedCloud created a v-team to guide other staff members through the step-by-step process on how to become compliant. As GDPR was a new and evolving, RedCloud absorbed the priority requirements, collaborated with cross divisions, including legal, marketing, and engineering teams, and funneled the relevant information to the v-team.

As the implemented process matured, the focus shifted to developing the future roadmap. RedCloud set up Privacy Management Software and standardized privacy review processes. RedCloud also created a roadmap for leardership visibility to predict what was ahead.


Within the year, after the help of the RedCloud team, the client’s division has made a great leap in success from an unknown territory to a well-organized ecosystem with process driven privacy reviews. Now teams across the division are compliant with all the regulations including GDPR. RedCloud implemented the GDPR solution, resulting in a transparent digital compliance process, which enabled the client to be audit-ready by regulators.

RedCloud led GDPR work and developed expertise to be leveraged in other divisions within the client’s ecosystem as well as the industry as a whole.

”RedCloud quickly grasped how the EU GDPR directive would impact our business and customers and quickly [put] a very effective plan in place, which provided more trust to our customers and ensured company compliance with a new global privacy law.”
-Client Representative