GIAM: The Analytics of a Global Account Program

RedCloud’s multinational technology client often encountered local-country challenges in account penetration when selling to globally dispersed customers. These challenges, whether geographical, local-language, or local-market related, inhibited customer satisfaction, opportunity identification, and deal-closure.


The client needed to organize and quantify their sales support program, which was in disarray due to high growth. The client’s pre-existing program lacked ROI metrics, leading to difficulty gaining funding on an ongoing basis. Multiple sales vendors were involved but no single point of contact existed to own, manage, and measure for efficiency.


RedCloud solved these measurement and management challenges by studying the current workflows before
implementing new processes and data capture methods. This solution delivered better pipeline management at the sales level while improving visibility to program effectiveness at the management level. Once implemented, a clear view of program efficacy was available, showing a 25x ROI in the prior fiscal year. RedCloud proceeded to add new resources in experienced program management to the process. The program was then on target to deliver a 51x ROI in the fiscal year.

RedCloud began with a detailed assessment of the client’s current sales support practices. With that data, RedCloud then identified and implemented methodologies to measure and communicate the program improvements to owners, internal customers, and stakeholders. RedCloud designed communications to include internal reporting, communication dashboards, and regular push updates. This practice improved awareness across team functions.

RedCloud was proactive to propel the program for the client by developing training and standardizing sales processes with sales leads for the shared account management resources to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. In an effort to stimulate further sales growth as well as maximize ROI, RedCloud researched characteristics of a successfully supported account, ensuring an immediate return to generate an outsized ROI.


Thanks to the efficient, streamlined implementation of the program, RedCloud assisted the client to successfully measure and dramatically improve the ROI of a previously unmeasured sales support function. These efforts lead to the doubling of the program’s ROI, which enabled the program owner – armed with new data – to quantify, support, and defend the program’s efficacy and suppor ting budget.

”The sales process is more complicated in Indonesia given the licensing and partner requirements in the country, however thanks to this program we were not slowed down. My [shared sales] resource was able to navigate the customer, the partner, and us as field sales teams to get this deal done netting over $2MM this fiscal year.”
-Client Global Field Account Owner