Within a key division of a multinational software company, a dedicated team tracks and solves a real-time list of the largest and most systemic issues facing a suite of products.


Monthly reports help the team’s leadership make critical decisions about how and when to resource against these fixes, but the reporting itself was bogged down by the creation process and lack of transparency across stakeholders.

The team’s leadership came to RedCloud seeking assistance in utilizing a new, best-in-class business intelligence platform to organize, manage, and display key data related to their work. The client needed help streamlining the overall approach addressing these critical projects as well as improving visibility to stakeholders. The senior managers were spending countless hours at month-end manually pulling and compiling data into spreadsheets, presentation decks, and other summary documents. Sharing and updating these repor ts became both cumbersome and inefficient, as true evidence-based decisions were limited due to disparate data sets and report types. Ultimately, the company saw high-rate employees spending unsustainable amounts of their time creating reports that were not effective in prioritizing resources.


RedCloud began by unpacking and auditing the client’s existing data-management process. RedCloud was able to identify and pull data from numerous software platforms across the business group, including sales, project management, and engineering. RedCloud then housed all the varied data points in a central database, from which a powerful business intelligence software platform could create custom data visualizations.

Collaborating with the client and understanding their specific reporting needs to enable highly-informed, rapid decision making, RedCloud then created real-time, customizable dashboards which provided high-level project status summaries, visual graphs, and a “hover-over” option to provide
deeper insights into a project’s status.


Upon implementation of the new business intelligence platform, RedCloud’s clients can now, with just a few clicks, create customized, real-time reports on projects addressing the division’s large, systemic issues facing the company. The leadership team no longer relies on the creation of a stagnant, point-in-time report. Each member now has access and transparency to each step of the project to better evaluate resources, barriers to success, and where revenues can ultimately be optimized.

”I’ve received great feedback and kudos from internal and external stakeholders about the Power BI reporting. For example, a stakeholder reached out with praise and asked to leverage the emplate/format to create a modified version to use with his stakeholders.”
-Client Representative