Salesforce: Closing Deals by Optimizing Salesforce

A medical device company needed a better system for managing sales leads. RedCloud delivered a customized Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that improved efficiencies, resulting in a more effective growth strategy.


When the client came to RedCloud, they had an inadequate CRM software solution for supporting their fast-growing marketing and sales operations. The Sales Lead was spending excessive hours creating reports and dashboards to review sales progress and track leads throughout the sales cycle. Given the lengthy purchase cycle in health systems, it was challenging to report on lead conversion at each of the distinct sales stages.


RedCloud dove deep into the client’s sales process and was able to pinpoint their business and sales needs across all levels of a complex healthcare sales system. RedCloud then created an “as is” process flow diagram to understand existing points of weakness and ultimately recommend the use of Salesforce as the appropriate CRM solution.

By collaborating with the client and understanding their specific reporting needs, RedCloud created customized dashboards, reports, and quoting templates that automated the CRM process — ultimately saving significant time for the client’s team.

RedCloud’s architects implemented a phased Salesforce installation and migration of the software to its operational environment. This meant robust, in-person team training, webinars, and customized training videos. The client was soon on their way to utilizing and mastering the program.


Before the Salesforce implementation, the client’s sales leader had spent up to 20 hours a week gathering data from sales representatives and creating reports through an antiquated, inefficient program.

After RedCloud’s custom migration and implementation, sales reports were generated with real-time data in just a click. Sales Representatives also had easy access to reports on personal dashboards, lead-tracking capabilities, and built-in reminders for follow-up activities — helping to ensure that no opportunities were missed.

“RedCloud understood our business needs and they were able to translate those into actionable tactics that immediately and easily filled gaps in our sales process.” -Sales Lead