As in many large organizations, a leading global technology company found that when key personnel had changing or expanded management responsibilities, or were promoted into new leadership roles, there was a need to evolve a clear set of best business practices


This gap ultimately resulted in widespread inefficiencies throughout the group. These managers with direct and matrix teams reporting to them were bogged down by the preparation and execution of day-to-day business functions, impacting their ability to focus on solving the critical business challenges that stood in the way of growth.

This company looked to RedCloud to assist in the development of a rhythm of business framework to enable managers and leaders to streamline their programs and internal operations such as performance measurement, finance, technology and employee engagement programs. Under a new schema, managers would have an operations playbook of best practices, opening up time and resources to focus on expanding the business, not just running it.


RedCloud began with a series of interviews and audits to understand the full scope of challenges facing teams experiencing significant organizational change, including new management. Through a deep understanding of the specific roadblocks to success, RedCloud then began the process of building a detailed and scalable set of processes based on the latest professional project management techniques.

Built on the underlying principle of improved communication, RedCloud put in place a series of processes allowing managers to have increased situational awareness of their team and current challenges, understand and navigate international and cultural differences of their team, and plan and execute a sound budget for their respective group. Key processes included monthly business review orchestration and management, complex budget planning and management within quarterly accountability goals, community management of customers, partners and internal stakeholders, business intelligence dashboards, and employee goal development and measurement.


Through the implementation of new rhythm of business processes, teams of program managers worldwide developed and executed plans not only improving overall business function, but opening up time for leadership to engage with new customers and address overarching challenges facing the business. Data from the monthly business reviews provided key insights on project progress, allowing business conversations and findings that built confidence in current investment strategies and shaped future plans for growth. Ultimately the group’s quarterly finance goals were met for the remainder of the fiscal year within less than 1% variance of initial business plan.

”The ROB processes that RedCloud built and implemented, in particular the business performance management, has resulted in a clearer understanding of team priorities, tighter management of the seasonality of budgets and allowed me to focus on the strategic imperatives we want to develop as a team. It’s just increasing overall team credibility.” -Client Representative