10 Minutes with Mindy DeMars: RedCloud Director of Operations

With nearly two decades in the consulting industry, RedCloud’s new Director of Operations Mindy DeMars was an exciting team addition this summer. Mindy brings her experience to this brand new role to create efficiencies in our processes and continue driving growth. In just a few short months, Mindy has settled into the RedCloud family and remarks about her first impressions and her excitement for the future.


RC: Briefly describe your role and how long you’ve been at RedCloud

MD: I started with RedCloud in July as Director of Operations. This role did not exist in the past, but the rapid growth of the firm over the last several years created the need to ensure quality alongside growth. My main focus areas are to improve processes to make RedCloud more efficient through tool adoption and reduction of administrative tasks for the team. Given my background I will also gladly assist on internal projects, aid in planning and implementing changes to support continued growth, and day-to-day support as needed.

RC: What was it like to join RedCloud (on-boarding process)? 

MD: Amazing. It was well-organized and I was very excited to receive the RedCloud swag and have my office all set-up – very inviting! The office is so modern and clean – it is very refreshing. I scheduled brief meetings with each person in our headquarters office and expected half to cancel or not attend but they all did! Many people even went over our scheduled time (a great first impression, in my opinion!). It was great to meet each person and understand the business through their different perspectives. It was clear that there is a team mentality here and not a frantic, overworked, and stressed out feel that you frequently find with consulting firms.

RC: Given your background and other experiences, what stands out to you with RedCloud? 

MD: The positivity of the environment, the pride people take in their work, and the respect employees have for the partners as well as the organization as a whole. The support for consultants as they roll off a project and the work to get them onto a new one is remarkable.

RC: What originally drew you to RedCloud? 

MD: It began in May with me searching for local consulting firms, but ultimately reading the Glassdoor reviews led me to reach out, and then after coming into the offices and meeting the people I was sold!

RC: Where do you see the future of RedCloud? 

MD: I see careful but continued growth and expansion throughout the Puget Sound and into different area verticals. This expansion will be driven by the high-quality reputations of the consultants and corporate team, drawing in the best of the best with a maintained atmosphere of professionalism and pride in our work.

RC: Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why? 

MD: My laptop. While I prefer face-to-face meetings when practical, so much of business nowadays is conducted with dispersed clients and employees, and being able to quickly plug in wherever you are, and have a conversation is invaluable – whether it’s a conference call with Skype for Business, IM chats or through email.

RC: What are you looking forward to the most this year with RedCloud? 

MD: I look forward to all of it – understanding how I can contribute, seeing continued changes and maturity of the organization and being a part of it all is very exciting.

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