RedCloud Consulting: In Pursuit of Diversity Across our Business


RedCloud is a unique company because of almost every aspect of our operation, and it’s something we’re proud of. One of the key tenants that runs throughout every vein of RedCloud is our company diversity. From our client mix to our employee teams, diversity keeps us moving forward at a rapid, award-winning speed.

Why do we diversify? Our answer is simple. We learn more from diverse perspectives and we all become better for it. Our business consistencies and key best practices happen when we get out in the open water and explore. Having a niche industry is safer, but it’s more interesting when every problem looks a little different because we learn new strategies and tactics to solve them. It keeps us on our toes, and we never stop learning. We also find that consultants come to RedCloud and stay with us because they won’t be stuck in one industry – the door is open, and we encourage our consultants’ desire to learn more and try more across industries.

Many firms in the Pacific Northwest are built and sustained by providing services to the region’s large tech companies. We too love partnering with many of the largest and most innovative companies in the Seattle market. However, we also believe that to continue bringing value to our clients, we must constantly push for a wider array of clientele and industries. In recent years, we’ve bolstered our efforts to expand into critical projects for travel, hospitality, insurance, consumer products, retail, government, aerospace, and defense. These projects cover a variety of services including product launches, data security, privacy, sales, and marketing analytics.

Our employees themselves are also diverse. The RedCloud family has grown over the past three years and is unique with many seasoned consultants. We hire from an array of skill-sets and backgrounds, never holding employees to their past, but applying what they mastered to a bright future of possibilities ahead. We don’t look for people who fit a generic consultant mold. Instead, we look for the energy and the drive required to thrive in our rapidly growing work-space. This hiring strategy accumulates a variety of talents, perspectives, and experiences that make us stronger with each hire we add to our team.

It is satisfying and motivating to know our unique and dedicated approach is working. We’ve just come off a Q2 which was our firm’s best to date, and we are well on target for 2018 to be RedCloud’s biggest growth spurt since our launch. We have such pride in the people who make up our team and we are holding an outstanding employee retention rate. When a new position opens, we have a strong pool of qualified candidates who reach out to join us. We are always seeking talented professionals from a wide range of backgrounds to join our team and we will continue this trajectory in our expansion.

At our core we believe it’s our dedication to transparency and integrity that helps our diversification shine. With our new collaborative work-space at our headquarters in Bellevue, our people are face-to-face with their peers in various industries. The result is top-notch customer service, innovation based on differences not similarities, and access to all the brilliant minds that occupy our space.

Why do we remain committed to this approach, when perhaps there is an easier, more traditional way to go about growth? The proof is in the data. RedCloud has soared to the top of many rankings including being named one of the nation’s 30 the most reputable companies by The Silicon Review, #1 Fastest Growing Company in the state of Washington by the Puget Sound Business Journal, Washington State’s Best Place to Work in 2016 according to Seattle Business, and two consecutive Inc. 5000 titles by Inc. Magazine, thanks to a three-year growth rate of nearly 700%.

At the end of the day diversity is good for business, good for our people, and good for our clients. We can’t wait to see where this approach takes us next as our regional economy continues to grow and diversify itself as well.