Going Back to School: RedCloud’s Annual “JA Day” A Big Success


“What a great day! So nice to be part of a firm who believes in and strives to give back to youth in the community. The kids were interested and engaged – and the teachers were helpful. An all-around positive experience! Looking forward to our next JA event!” – Shawna Johnson

We can all remember the favorite teachers, mentors, and guiding support we had throughout our school years. They were essential in preparing us for the next grade in school, eventually our fields of study, and our approach to solving problems with collaboration in the workplace. Unfortunately, the reality of today’s world is not all young people have access to mentors or a diverse, quality education to best prepare them for the “real world.” In fact, only 53% of freshman entering universities receive bachelor’s degrees within six years, and in the U.S. each year, 1.2 million high school students drop out. These factors create significant long-term impacts on an individual’s lack of education and on society as a whole.

At RedCloud, we believe wholeheartedly in and support a formal education for all young people. Given the dynamic workplaces our team of consultants operates in every day, we know success in the real world is so much more than the “book smarts” that come from the classroom. Problem solvers who challenge what they hear, come up with unseen solutions, and collaborate with those around them make up a productive workforce. These skills expand across the career world, encompassing each and every profession.

In support of our firm’s broader community efforts rooted in helping youth and education, we set out for our annual JA Day with Junior Achievement of Washington. Junior Achievement – or JA for short – is the largest organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make choices for academic achievement. The programs they offer help students from kindergarten through high school in areas like work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Through JA, RedCloud and our individual consultants can teach, inspire, and motivate students, helping them realize the potential beyond the classroom for their professional careers.

“I was floored by how much the kids know and think about the bigger picture (cause and effect, social and environmental responsibility, etc.). They were really enthusiastic and it was so much fun getting their insights. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity!” – Karen Middaugh

On Wednesday, June 6th, a record-setting 20 RedCloud volunteers reported for duty at Kirkland’s Juanita Elementary. Each volunteer arrived to teach students about money, finances, and entrepreneurism through JA’s own interactive curriculum. At the end of the day, our team reflected on their experiences as mentors and “teachers” and how they could bring these lessons into their own workplace.  We look forward to continuing this annual tradition and extend gratitude to each of the many volunteers across companies and organizations that supported JA Day this year. It takes a village!

JA Day is just one of many ongoing programs this great RedCloud partner hosts across the state. If you or a group you are a part of are interested in participating, we couldn’t recommend a better program than Junior Achievement . You will be setting up tomorrow’s leaders with the skills and smarts they need for success.

“What I enjoyed most about my JA experience is how it made me look back at how I chose my current career. That reflection while teaching the students reinforced the happiness with my own choices and made me excited about the choices this generation will make.” – Scott Morton