Putting the Force in Salesforce: A Customer Story


While Salesforce has become a well-known market leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it is not always a simple plug-and-play with organizations which have legacy systems and sets of customer data that may not align. To that end, RedCloud has developed an expertise in helping companies of all sizes integrate and/or migrate to the Salesforce platform in order to track and manage sales leads more efficiently and rapidly.  


In one particular case, we worked with a nascent (and quite intriguing) medical device company based in the Seattle market who was on the cusp of a new set of national product launches. While their technology was ground-breaking, they lacked a core CRM resource to ensure their sales team could properly qualify leads and track them along a long sales cycle in healthcare. The Sales Lead was caught up in countless hours of manual report and dashboard creation for communicating market penetration to leadership and across the sales team as a whole.  


Led by RedCloud Manager Chris Frost, our team was able to dive deep into the client’s sales process to assess the existing state of affairs around CRM and identify the company’s true CRM needs. Based on the initial analysis, Chris and his team of CRM experts quickly created a customized data architecture, reports, dashboards, and quoting templates – all of which led to significant time efficiencies for the client’s sales team.  


The project wrapped with a key piece often missed when implementing new processes and systems – a robust, in-person training to ensure a quick transition to the new Salesforce platform.  


At the end of the day, our clients were able to rapidly produce real-time reports and dashboards with the click of a few buttons. These reports increased awareness and communication between leadership and the sales team, ultimately leading to a more productive sales team. We’re excited to see our client’s new medical devices in the hands of doctors and nurses across the country!