Coming “Full Cycle” – 10 minutes with Benny Swedberg

Two months in to his time working at RedCloud, we took a few minutes to chat with associate Benny Swedberg about his experience and how some of his background in elite cycling is applicable in the workplace.

Benny has a truly unique story on how he came to be working at RedCloud. At the age of 10 he joined RadRacing NW – a Seattle area junior cycling developmental team – that just so happens to be supported by RedCloud. As our firm was donating time and resources to help RadRacing develop and mature as an organization, Benny was one of the young people who were reaping the rewards of our partnership with Rad, grinding his way on the track to becoming one of our nation’s top young riders.

Now with professional cycling in his rear view mirror and as a RedCloud team member, Benny has now come full circle, or some would even say full cycle.


RC: How are you finding your time and experiences at RedCloud so far?

BS: I have really enjoyed it so far. I’m benefiting from working with a great bunch of people. There is a very good culture in the office, with a nice blend of work and fun. I’m extremely lucky.

RC: What areas will you be focusing on?

BS: I will be on a consulting team working to solve systemic issues within a major tech company in the Pacific Northwest. It is a fantastic opportunity. I’m relishing it.

RC: You’ve raced as a professional cyclist and competed at the world championships. What attributes can you take from elite sport and apply to your new role?

BS: When you are competing under duress in sport you can’t get flustered, which allows you to perform well under pressure. As a pro athlete, you try to get to areas – what I call the “fine margins” – that you give you an edge over the competition and allow you to stay ahead. I think those same skills of finding the fine margins with and for clients will be very beneficial in my role working on projects at RedCloud.

RC: Describe for us the transition from cycling to university to life at RedCloud?

BS: I started racing at age 10. RedCloud happens to sponsor RadRacing, which was my team growing up, and continues to do so. While studying at the University of Washington, I would race semi-professionally during spring and summer terms and study during fall and winter. I competed in Europe quite often and took part in the World Championships on the track. When I went back to UW full-time, I transitioned out of cycling and shifted academically from engineering to the Foster Business School where I studied finance. I found the adjustment moving from cycling to my studies was more of a challenge than it was from university to RedCloud – which I’m now enjoyed very much!

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