Ten Minutes with Allen Nieman, RedCloud Practice Manager

A uniquely diverse expert, Allen Nieman recently joined our growing team at RedCloud, bringing invaluable experience and knowledge with him in the areas of product management and go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition, business modeling and M&A diligence. Allen has immediately made an impact at RedCloud working on both client delivery and our own internal firm needs to ensure we capitalize on the current momentum in the market.

On the client-side, Allen is currently helping a client identify the best approach to leverage an inside account management program towards other customers with similar characteristics – ultimately in an effort to generate a similar outsized ROI across a larger set of customers. He is also tasked with assisting the RedCloud management team to ensure practice areas are optimized toward client needs, while identifying new opportunities to continue growing and achieving great things in 2018. With such interesting projects under his belt so quickly since joining RedCloud, we were curious about his experience and what he’s most excited in the future.

What does your typical day at RedCloud look like?

“Ha! No day is typical in the consulting business. That, among other things, is the beauty of the work. I get up early, do some exercise with my oldest kid before I get him off to high school, and then start working. I like to do any work that requires creative thought in the morning. Then, I train some jiu-jitsu during the lunch hour a few times a week. This gets me energized for the afternoon work where I like to plan any meetings or necessary phone calls. About once a week, I do some volunteer work or take one or more of my kids to sports or other extra-curricular activities. Afterwards, it’s time to eat dinner, spend some time with my kids before putting them to bed, then work/play/spend time with my wife based on priorities and needs. Finally, go to bed. Repeat.”

Describe your initial time working at RedCloud and with our team – what have you enjoyed, what has surprised you? 

“I have enjoyed the discussions with the consultants and the management team. To me, the people I work with are the most important factor in my job satisfaction and I need to have a shared sense of work ethic and integrity, among many factors.” 

What drives you in your daily work at RedCloud? 

“The desire to do the right thing for the customer. The right thing ultimately builds the business and makes everyone successful.”

What originally drew you to RedCloud?

“The personal recommendation of another RedCloud employee. There is not a much higher draw than that.”

Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why?

“In the last 10 months or so it’s become podcasts. The quality and breadth of podcast content is just amazing now. I love music, but now it’s rare that I listen to music while commuting. I’m almost always driving to the sound of one podcast or another. There are some obvious popular podcasts out there, but a couple I’ve been listening to that may be less known are Design Matters with Debbie Millman, Marketing Over Coffee, and for fun, Hardcore History.”

What are you looking forward to the most in your first year with RedCloud?

“I’m looking forward to making an impact for first my clients, second the firm and its owners and employees, and third in leveraging the client work and firm resources to grow personally and professionally. “