What it Takes to Build a Best Company

We were so excited and humbled to hear that RedCloud Consulting was named the Top Mid-Sized Company to Work For in 2016 by Seattle Magazine. We recognize the growing number of companies with similar goals to ours, and we pride ourselves on the focus and attention we pay in staying true to our core values. So what goes into the recipe for a top company? We’ve found that by staying true to our founding principles, we’re able to exceed the needs of our team, which in turn exceeds the needs of our clients. Here are our top five qualities that we are most proud of:

2016 Best Companies logo

1. An integrity-based, straightforward approach. We didn’t reinvent the wheel; but rather went back to the time of an approach all based on quality, reliability, and capabilities. This might sound like an overly simplistic approach, however, we’ve seen our industry get overly complex as it’s evolved, leading some confusion and frustration. Less is more in this case.

2. Willingness to part with old standards. We built RedCloud over the two decades by applying only the best principles and practices in consulting, while tossing aside some standard but contradictory industry practices. We provide high-value work, create meaningful professional experiences for our team, while stripping away all the additives and preservatives which have become table stakes in today’s consulting market. Often times it can be easier to assume that what everyone else is doing is the way it has to be. We’ve found that just the opposite can be refreshing and appealing to consultants.

3. Rock-solid team members that you trust. We’ve been fortunate enough to build the RedCloud team comprised of a diverse, seasoned and multi-disciplinary set of professionals who each bring unique skills, global perspectives, and experience to bear on our client projects. Our team includes business intelligence analysts, software developers, marketing gurus, and project management specialists. We build these distinct teams of specialists for each client engagement, ensuring a positive and productive experience for client and consultant alike. As we continue to grow our team, we’re seeking employees who have a unique blend of skills, experience and personality that can be matched to the needs of our clients to provide solutions to their biggest challenges.

4. Clarity. RedCloud consultants always know what they are getting. It’s very important to us to ensure that our team members understand and buys into the goals, deliverables and timelines for existing, potential, and their next projects. This approach is the foundation of our work at RedCloud, fulfilling our joint purpose of client enablement and helping employees realizes their full potential. We firmly believe that staying open with our employees creates a trust that unlocks their fullest potential, setting us apart today by driving results with our clients and providing our team with a special place to work.

5. Laser focus on results. We’ve built our current array of practice areas based precisely on what our clients and the market is telling us is needed. RedCloud’s practice areas combine a suite of best practices in customer and partner engagement, delivery excellence, business transformation, data management and analytics and managed services that focus on impactful and predictable results. We always keep low risk and high customer satisfaction in mind. This enables the clients to leverage a specialized team of best in class services for each of their engagement needs. Our results are our number one priority and we take pride in ensuring our clients’ experience is always results-driven.