RedCloud‘s June 10th “JA Day” Creates Lasting Impacts in the Future Workplace

Graduation season is here, and we can all likely think of a student we know, headed on to their next level of education, bright-eyed and excited for their prosperous future ahead. Maybe they’re headed to high school, off to community college, an internship, or packing their bags to move into their first dorm room, ready to explore the major they’ve chosen. Are they ready? Did they adequately prepare for what is ahead? Do they have the organizational and self-disciplinary skills required to make it through their courses? Unfortunately, some are not. Just 53% of freshman entering universities receive bachelor’s degrees within six years. And every year across our country, 1.2 million high school students drop out. We live in times of rapid change, and our economy and workplace environments are no exception to that. Our youth are gearing up to enter workplaces and navigate through careers that are drastically different from the ones you and I ventured out for.

At RedCloud we recognized that as professionals in an ever-changing technical field, we will soon need the youth of today to be able to step into our field, filling an ongoing need for smart, but savvy young people to drive our economy forward. To that end, we believe that while formal education is irreplaceable, there is so much more to the “real world” than what is traditionally taught at school. As a way to both address this issue, but also connect with the community in which we work and live, the RedCloud team began to look around for ways to help out. We were so glad to connect with Junior Achievement of Washington, an organization dedicated to helping young people face the challenges that lie ahead in the real world. Junior Achievement – or “JA” for short – is the largest organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. The programs they offer help students from kindergarten through grade 12 in areas like work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Through JA, we at RedCloud are dedicated to inspiring these students and helping them realize the opportunities and realities of having a professional career in this day and age.

On Friday, June 10th RedCloud held our inaugural “JA Day”, during which we sent more than 20 RedCloud consultants out to volunteer in classrooms at Juanita Elementary School in Kirkland, Washington. This event gave our employees a chance to step out of their offices and into the learning environments of the next generation, helping prepare students to succeed in their future. We saw first hand how lessons and perspectives from local professionals can help students see where their education can take them and realize ways they can contribute to the world around them when they grow up.

It takes over 5,500 JA of Washington volunteers to help out over 115,000 students in Washington and in Northern Idaho served annually by JA of Washington. We highly endorse and recommend connecting with JA if you are interested in helping out or getting involved. More information is available at JA Washington.

-Brett Clifton & Brett Alston, Managing Partners, RedCloud

It’s because of valuable champions like RedCloud that we are able to impact change, and set the stage for a brighter future for our youth and our economy as a whole. Support like this helps us unlock the boundless potential of every young person, no matter what the odds are against them.

-David Moore, President and CEO of Junior Achievement of Washington