Why RedCloud Supports Active Youth

Although many of our careers have been defined by a world that has been transformed by technology, we must consider the implications the ever-increasing “devicification” in our culture and in particular of our young people, ensuring we are doing our part to help maintain a healthy balance in life. As we all recognize, technology has boundless benefits for young people, connecting them to information and other people unlike any time in history, however there are a series of potential negative impacts of leading a technology-driven life.

Study after study show that children’s’ lifestyles are not as active as they were 40 years ago and in turn kids are not as healthy.  Young people’s activities have become centered around computers, televisions, tablets and mobile devices – their cardiovascular disease risk is much higher with over 50 percent of children falling well below the recommended 60 minutes of activity per day. Now more than ever it is important that as adults we continue to place importance on staying active to balance out these sedentary habits. As any parent will tell you, children learn a great deal through simple observation, so our own lifestyles are important examples in paving a well-balanced future for them. Teaching the importance of a balanced and active lifestyle early on can dramatically change the way the next generation grows and develops.

In our community outreach efforts at RedCloud, we place a continued interest in supporting youth and educating them in these core values, making ongoing efforts toward supporting programs in our local region with the same values. To that end, we recently announced our partnership and sponsorship of Rad Racing NW. We have pledged to provide financial support and in-kind consulting services, as well as good old-fashioned elbow grease at their events.

At its core, Rad Racing is a Puget Sound based, non-profit, community based junior cycling development team for boys and girls ages 10 to 18. Rad riders compete in road, mountain bike, track, and cyclocross racing. The program is managed and supported mainly by volunteer coaches and support staff who are trained, licensed and experienced in the USA Cycling program. Rad athletes have won 20 US National Championship titles, and 20 team members have been selected to represent the United States National Team at World Championship events. Yes, they are legit and we’re proud to see our support helping youth riders train, attend races and buy and maintain equipment.

While their results on their bikes are impressive, what really clinched our connection with Rad was how far beyond the bike the benefits of their program goes. The organization’s overall goal is to “instill self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others and an overall positive attitude in their riders through solid adult mentorship”. There’s no doubt in our mind that Rad Racing makes an amazing and direct impact on these young people, encouraging an active lifestyle founded upon respect for themselves and others – fundamentals of our own company culture.

We believe whole heartedly in the mission of Rad, utilizing sport to not just to live a healthy, active balanced life, but drive responsibility and determination – attributes that will serve these young people long into their lives. Learning the importance of leadership, overcoming obstacles and keeping a strong determination is something we’re passionate about educating our youth early on, as we know how important these values are in the workplace. Learning how to operate as a strong individual as well as a strong team member is invaluable life experience that Rad is helping instill in their riders. A strong appreciation for sports and fitness helps our youth understand the big role both mental and physical health play in living a positive and balanced life from childhood through adulthood.

This is just the beginning of our relationship with Rad and their riders. We are glad to find a group we can support over the long-term, whether it’s through building key business processes to help their organization run as smooth as their kids ride, or showing up to a race and provide hands-on volunteer hours. We are so happy to partner with this group of rad kids. Check out more updates on Rad Racing including photo galleries from their recent races on the group’s Facebook page.