Integrity Based Growth

In a dynamic, results-driven tech marketplace like Seattle, consultants have grown to become an important part of the region’s pool of knowledge workers, providing a range of services. However the reality of the industry shows these firms come at even wider ranges of quality and transparency. With the re-launch of RedCloud Consulting in 2015, our Managing Partners Brett Alston and Brett Clifton shared a distinct set of values around how a consulting practice should operate, and a vision for building a new firm. RedCloud is being built by applying only the best principles and practices from their past experience, while tossing aside some standard but contradictory practices in consulting.

Having both worked on the client and consultant side of the business, they’d seen first hand how the best of intentions during the kickoff meeting can quickly fade, a poor communication can lead projects off track and off budget, ultimately to the demise of the client’s bottom line. With RedCloud, Alston and Clifton didn’t reinvent the wheel, they just went back to the time when it was created, to an integrity-based, straightforward approach based on Quality, Reliability and Capabilities.

Now more than half a year into their new partnership, the market reaction is strong. Billing is up 500 percent and former clients and colleagues are reaching out to reconnect and be part of something authentic, transparent, and real. While RedCloud has a 20 year history of Seattle-based business serving the aerospace industry, Alston and Clifton heard from executives on Seattle’s Eastside about the declining state of the consulting industry, so they relocated the business to Bellevue to implement a refreshingly honest approach to the work that continues to boom as the regional economy does.

In 2016 RedCloud now is poised for strong revenue and employment growth numbers, bringing on board seasoned consultants who understand the marketplace and can deliver a white glove experience to clients, standing behind people and product to the end. Early returns show that both consultants and clients appreciate the respect, transparency, and a “pay it forward” mentality set down by the two Managing Partners. Alston and Clifton are creating what they believe is the foundation of a thriving company which can provide high value work, create meaningful professional experiences for their team, while stripping away all the additives and preservatives which have become table stakes in today’s consulting market.

With a skill for knowing their expertise, and only taking on projects that meet RedCloud’s capabilities, “Integrity Based Growth” is on the rise.