Why RedCloud?

Our measure of a job well done is your success.

Integrity & Transparency-Based Results

Founded in integrity and transparency, we provide extra management expertise, enthusiasm and straightforward raw horsepower. RedCloud can provide intelligent professionals for a short-term boost, or an entire team to formulate and execute a strategic solution.

Customer/Partner Engagement

Market launch and penetration through research-driven, technology-enhanced approaches, services and follow through.

Strategy – Providing a powerful and galvanizing instrument that enables broad scale support of your strategy up, down and across your organization.

Marketing – Effective automations that target and reach desired customers that build market share and strengthen the brand are essential to successfully bringing products and services to market.

Sales – Optimizing interactions from the customer perspective and as a result, foster customer/partner loyalty, satisfaction and increased sales.

Support – Timely incident management, up and cross-sell opportunities leading to customer happiness.

Delivery Excellence

Providing predictable results, solution acceleration and timely business value realization.

Project/Program Management – Incorporating best practices in Project and Program Management reduces risks and promotes sustainable and predictable results.

Agile Delivery Framework – Accelerating time to benefit and time to market when developing solutions as demanded for business agility.

Business Transformation

Maximizing impact through enhanced employee knowledge, skills and productivity while improving the ability to innovate, increasing profits and performance, while reducing costs and accelerating schedules.

Change Management – Creation of a Solid Vision, Readiness Assessment, Project Team Selection, Change Methodology, Continuous Communication, Support System, Recognition, Rewards & Reinforcement (R3) ™ and Training and Skills Development.

Process Improvement – Gap Analysis, Waste Reduction, Role Definition, Automation Identification and Methodology Alignment.

Data Management & Analytics

Providing predictable results, solution acceleration and timely business value realization.

Data Content Management Solutions

Taxonomy & Governance

Data Visualization, Insights & Analytics

Managed Services

Creating high value and efficiencies by removing the impacts of ongoing staffing needs via powerful, flexible and timely services that allow clients to focus on what they do best.