About RedCloud

The RedCloud Distinction

Over the past two decades, RedCloud Consulting has been built by applying only the best principles and practices from our past experience, while tossing aside some standard but contradictory practices in consulting.

Providing a close-knit experience for our clients and employees alike, RedCloud is founded on the principles of building strong relationships, delivering at the highest degree of excellence and complete dedication to positive and lasting results. RedCloud’s innovative services allow us to create exactly the results our clients are seeking.


We provide high value work, create meaningful professional experiences for our team, while stripping away all the additives and preservatives which have become table stakes in today’s consulting market.


RedCloud has been built by applying only the best principles and practices in consulting, tossing aside some standard but contradictory industry practices.


We didn’t reinvent the wheel; but rather went back to the time of an integrity-based, straightforward approach – all based on Quality, Reliability and Capabilities.

Management Team

Brett Alston small

Brett Alston

Managing Partner
Brett Clifton small

Brett Clifton

Managing Partner
Scott Ekman small

Scott Ekman

Practice Director
Allen Nieman small

Allen Nieman

Practice Manager
Emmye Cahn small

Emmye Cahn

Senior Manager
Chris Frost small

Chris Frost

Lou Hazim small

Lou Hazim

Account Director
Scott Morton small

Scott Morton

Account Director

The Team

Adrionna Armstrong small

Adrionna Armstrong

Alice Haynes small

Alice Haynes

Alka Garg small

Alka Garg

Allison Reese small

Allison Reese

Amanda Jaeger small

Amanda Jaeger

Benny Swedberg small

Benny Swedberg

Bobby Lahnstein small

Bobby Lahnstein

Brian Bergholm small

Brian Bergholm

Carlo Malaguzzi small

Carlo Malaguzzi

Carol Leick small

Carol Leick

Chris Kuntze small

Chris Kuntze

Cindy Mueller small

Cindy Mueller

Dana Anderson small

Dana Anderson

Dan Callahan small

Dan Callahan

Emily Barber new small

Emily Barber

Erica Stowell small

Erica Stowell

Erin Stivers small

Erin Stivers

Fiachra O’Dea small

Fiachra O'Dea

Heather Cooney small

Heather Cooney

Jake Lansche small

Jake Lansche

Jared Hager small

Jared Hagar

Jim Sloane small

Jim Sloane

Joel Blakley small

Joel Blakley

Joyce Villanueva small

Joyce Villanueva

Karen Middaugh small

Karen Middaugh

Kathy Dodge small

Kathy Dodge

Kelly Knapper small

Kelly Knapper

Kelly Lynch small

Kelly Lynch

Kevin Ha small

Kevin Ha

Kevin Stangvik small

Kevin Stangvik

Kris Broenneke small

Kris Broenneke

Lauri Walker small

Lauri Walker

Leigh Felton small

Leigh Felton

Linh Nguyen small

Linh Nguyen

Madison Pack small

Madison Pack

Melinda Doherty small

Melinda Doherty

Melissa Bennett small

Melissa Bennett

Michelle Pudas small

Michelle Pudas

Mindy Tunick small

Mindy Tunick

Mozelle Golden small

Mozelle Golden

Navaz Nekoo small

Navaz Nekoo

Neha Agarwal small

Neha Agarwal

Nick Kolich small

Nick Kolich

Nicole Hill small

Nicole Hill

Omar Marouf small

Omar Marouf

Patricia Griffin small

Patricia Griffin

Patrick McKellips small

Patrick McKellips

Paul Brunson small

Paul Brunson

Phil Dursey small

Phil Dursey

Priya Agrawal small

Priya Agrawal

Ralph Pryor small

Ralph Pryor

Robert Patterson small

Robert Patterson

Rodica Gutu small

Rodica Gutu

Ryan Maxfield small

Ryan Maxfield

Scott Oxley small

Scott Oxley

Sean Blodgett small

Sean Blodgett

Seth Ettwein small

Seth Ettwein

Sharada Hosur small

Sharada Hosur

Shawna Johnson small

Shawna Johnson

Sindey Yoon small

Sindey Yoon

Sophia Stead small

Sophia Stead

Steve Osburn small

Steve Osburn

Stan Weise small

Stan Weise

Tom Hassall small

Tom Hassall

Tricia Barendt small

Tricia Barendt